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Charlie The Flatulent Christmas Angel And Other Poetic Stories Of Joy (2014)

by Steve Case(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
1940671469 (ISBN13: 9781940671468)
Apocryphile Press
review 1: This is a Goodreads win, thank you. Charlie The Flatulent Angel is visually funny, verbally artistic and will spark the imagination of both young and the young at heart when read aloud in its rhyming verse. Author Steve Case and illustrator Brian Scoop Diehl make a perfect pair for this heart warming butt tickler story of an angel with a God given talent of fragrant toots. Children 5-9 will enjoy the humor while younger children will be captivated by the illustrations.The Story of the Lost Wise Man, Sandra McNeal and Clay and Water are more for older children. While they are good, Charlie caught my attention the most.
review 2: This book is not only fun to read, it is fun to read aloud! There are subtle bits of humor that will make adults smile and tongue twist
... moreing rhymes that will make you smile. The illustrations were cute and will have your little ones pointing at them as you read. I followed the drawing across the pages with my eyes and laughed. This book will make you feel good reading it and I plan on sharing it with those who will listen to me read. This is a great read!Mr. Joe less
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I won this book on goodreads! It is such a funny, cute book. My children loved it. Thanks so much!
Very cute kids book. Enjoyable to read.
Nice children's tales.
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