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Fing (2012)

by Papa G.(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
1477515011 (ISBN13: 9781477515013)
review 1: FING is undoubtedly gratifying; it's message of continuous positivity is something that we all should listen to, the illustrations are well-made, and Papa G.'s delightful and heartfelt modern fairy tale has an accessible morale and G.'s alluring but weird characters should definitely have a sequel. It's a short but sweet read and since it's chaptered you could read it as a bedtime story or just devour it in just one sitting just like me!
review 2: I read this aloud to my 5 year old this afternoon. I'm not certain what age it is written for, but she seemed able to follow it with ease and wasn't disturbed by some of the darker undertones. I thought it was well written. I especially liked how some of the long, convoluted sentences flowed when read. The running jok
... morees were funny, the pictures cute, and the message inspiring. All-in-all a fun little short story. less
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Illustrated children's story about a monster who lives in a little boy's closet. Cute.
Cute book! And a very fast read. I'd recommend it to my young friends for sure.
My 7 year old loved it!
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