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The Lives We Lost (2013)

by Megan Crewe(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 6
1423146174 (ISBN13: 9781423146179)
Disney Hyperion
Fallen World
review 1: The Lives We Lost is an exciting realistic fiction book! It is the second book to a trilogy.I believe Megan Crewe wrote this book for entertainment. This takes place on an island but as the book progresses Kaelyn the main character sets off on her long journey walking across Canada. Kaelyn discovers a vaccine her dad creative before his passing. The vaccine is created for a virus that had started on an island and is killing everyone quickly. kaelyn sets off with Leo, Tobias and Meridith across Canada to try and find a doctor still alive to make more of the vaccine. I liked this book because it changes the plot often and has a strong female leader. I dislike how the author took so long to describe them walking across Canada, she didn't need to include all the information be... morecause nothing important happened. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes realistic fiction with a strong female lead.
review 2: A lot better than the first book, even though a little more slow paced. The series of events were easy to follow, the editing was excellent, the book was clear and concise. Cant wait for part 3. The ending was also good and interestingly i'm curious to hear what happens next but I don't feel like any necessary information was missing or left out or it was rushed. I enjoyed the story, the plot, the characters are interesting. Great book, now for part 3. less
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nice sequel but the first book has a special place in my heart
Another Sunburst Award (YA) read, so no rating or review.
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