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Tallis (Books Of Andresium, #1) (2012)

by M.C. Rae(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
Tulipe Noire Press
review 1: A huge Thank You to YA Bound for allowing me to be a part of this tour and reading this book. I have to say at first when I started reading it I was hooked into a world I have not read before. The description of the world had me drawn in. I have to say I have never really read a book like this but I am so happy I did. I will say this the book was short! Lord I was reading and reading and then it was done and I screamed WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need more ASAP! This book is so hard to review without be spoilerish so I will leave this review off with a quote from the book."The peaceful solemnity belied the chaos that would soon ensue. Suchare mornings at a facility of learning: hand-rubbed eyes, laden with thedust of sleep, late hours kept in pursuit of knowledge. With t... morehe sun, thepurpose of pursuit is born anew. The world remakes itself once more,pushing away all that happened on its last visit. The day is a newly hatchedegg, its surface smooth and white. The bell of the tower rings, the roostercalls, the egg cracks. All must rise, all must to their duties keep. Each pupilmust pull his share."Doesn't this scream READ ME....... READ ME........
review 2: Unlike majority of the books I pick up, I wasn’t instantly drawn into the story. I think this is mainly because this is a fantasy, and I had to gain an understanding for the world or settings before I could pay attention to the plot. This was a very short read, yet mid way I found myself liking it more and more. The writing is beautiful; and I can easily at random pick any line form the story to use as an ice breaker in a poetic public speech. This was a forbidden love tale of immortals and ancient secrets. Just as soon as the drama blossomed and the prophesy begins to make more sense; the proverbial crap hits the fan and we are lead to believe the “real” action is about to begin. Sadly, it ended too soon.*Disclaimer: Book given by YA Bound for an honest review.* less
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3.25 stars.Brief review may follow.
looks and sounds wonderful!!!
Review coming soon!
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