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A Cosmic Christmas (2012)

by Hank Davis(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 3
1451638620 (ISBN13: 9781451638622)
A Cosmic Christmas
review 1: I liked most of the stories in this book. I am going to check out more books by Sarah A. Hoyt. I did not care for George O. Smith though. His science went against physics and his characters were unlikeable. I admit I found Seabury Quinn's series of stories lame and I abandoned it. But there some nice stories and interesting characters. I also liked Catherine Asario's tale. I have read some of her books but abandoned the series as too frustrating and nasty.
review 2: I just finished this book and was totally blown away by this one. This is a collection of short stories with a scifi fantasy twist, all amazing writers. There were some surprises here, alittle of these being themed of course around Christmas and the holidays, but the surprises were in the way
... moreeach author presented it. authors like Mercedes Lackey, Larry Coraia, and Connie Willis were present, with quite a few memorable gems here. The mo'@ phenomenal of course to me, being a classic scifi fan, was the Seabury Quinn Roads. Not giving anything away here, but all I have to say is, it's a story that represents Christmas in all its facets, but you have to read it. Amazing book though, and it gets 5 starso most definitely. less
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Fun anthology with a wide range of stories from different eras of sci fi and fantasy.
Some decent stories, but didn't really do it for me.
A poor selection of stories.
Mixed bag of stories
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