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The Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2014 (2014)

by Gordon Van Gelder(Favorite Author)
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Spilogale, Inc.
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
review 1: *** Good"Bartleby The Scavenger" by Katie Boyer"Rooksnight" by Marc Laidlaw"Presidential Cryptotrivia" by Oliver Buckram"The Shadow In The Corner" by Jonathan Andrew Sheen** Eh, OK"The End Of The Silk Road" by David D. Levine"Containment Zone: A Seastead Story" by Naomi Kritzer"The Fisher Queen" by Alyssa Wong"White Curtain" by Pavel Amnuel"The Memory Cage" by Tim Sullivan
review 2: Not a whole lot that I liked in this issue, though there were a couple of bright spots.The featured cover story, "Rooksnight", was just okay. It's a sword and sorcery fantasy concerning a human and gargoyle pair; problem is, the duo really don't have much in the way of personality. So we're left with just the story, which involved a lot of traps and some hidden treasure.I was happy
... moreto read a new installment of Kritzer's Seastead YA series, the adventures of a teenage girl with a scheming, immoral father on a furture artificial independent archipelago. This 4th story was good, though I was grateful I still have the previous issues with stories to refresh my memory, since this one wasn't big on exposition for the uninitiated. And I hope I won't have to wait another 15 months for the next story!"Presidential Cryptotrivia" was short and quite silly, but it did succeed in making me laugh several times."White Curtain" was a good fantasy (?) story of alternate timelines.In "The Memory Cage", ghost-dad's recollections of World War II didn't really ring true to me.None of the other stories really struck me as interesting or memorable. less
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Cthulhu is in this one! Bartebly was particularly good.
there were some great stories in this volume.
4.5 starsReview later
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