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King's Champion (2012)

by Cas Peace(Favorite Author)
4.56 of 5 Votes: 1
Rhemalda Publishing
Artesans of Albia
review 1: The King’s Champion had some sections that were amazing and wonderful to read. I really enjoyed the last 75 pages or so as the plot really picked up, but most of the book was drawn out a bit much for me. The plot overall was good and the characters continue to be enjoyable from the first book in the series, but I was not into this book as much as I had anticipated. I had a difficult time remembering that the characters are attempting to move forward despite trying circumstances because those circumstances are mentioned again and again throughout the novel. I still enjoyed Major Sullyan’s charisma, her strength, and her interactions with others. The ending was extremely disappointing simply because it felt nothing like an ending. I guess if I want to feel any sense of c... moreompleteness I will need to read the next book. Maybe it will exceed my expectations. I received a free Advanced Review Copy of this book for review.
review 2: King's Envoy is a great novel, and its first sequel King's Champion is better still. Picking up amid the tension and excitement, where book one left off, Cas Peace's world instantly ensnares the reader once more. Major Sullyan, an extremely important character from the first novel and my favorite one, now takes center stage. Justly wanting revenge on the malignant and vile Duke Rykan, she must prove herself to the sexist Andaryon military before the opportunity can be set before her. The truth of Sullyan's origins also begins to surface from an unlikely source, and the book's ending will leave the reader desperately yearning for the next installment. less
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I messed up the loading thingie.....this should be on the still to finish reading list
Beautiful follow-up to Book One, King's Envoy: Artesans of Albia.
great book. loved it.
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