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Peregrin (2010)

by A. Sparrow(Favorite Author)
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Sparrow, A.
review 1: Peregrin is the sequel to Xenolith. I haven’t read Xenolith so I went into this one not knowing what to expect. There were things I liked about the book that would lead me to believe I would like the first book, however there were things about it that I didn’t like as well. There are parts of the book that I think I would have enjoyed more if I had read the first one.To begin with I liked the characters. There didn’t seem to be any one main character as the story itself was told from multiple perspectives. The characters are interesting. However I felt that I was missing parts of their back story that would have helped to explain their actions. These items were probably more fleshed out in the first book, so I don’t want to hold that against the book in rev... moreiewing it.Also the story and the world that the author have created are very intriguing. But again, there are parts that just seem to be missing that probably have more to do with the fact that I didn’t read them in order.I think my biggest issue with the book has nothing to do with it not being a standalone novel. It came at the beginning and it has nothing to do with the order of the books. In the beginning the author jumps from the present to the past and then back to parts in the present, then leads up to a point in time were all the stories and characters converge. I really didn’t like the way it jumped around. By the end it made sense, but in the beginning it was just confusing. Would I read the first book? Possibly. I would like to discover how the characters ultimately came to be where and who they are. I would also like to find out more of the details of the world and how it connects to ours. Overall would I recommend it? Yes, but I would say to definitely pick up the first book. The characters and story are solid and well written. But again the book is not a standalone novel and I kept wishing that I knew what had happened before the current events in the story. Maybe then some of the actions taken by the characters at the end of the book would make more sense.
review 2: This is the sequel to the book "Xenolith" and continues the story of Dr. Frank and his search for Elizabeth, his believed to be dead wife who has actually crossed a trans-dimensional portal to another world. I enjoyed "Xenolith" tremendously, but confess to being disappointed with "Peregrin." In this volume the story gets too diluted, I believe, and that leaves the reader struggling to follow. Like a nylon rope beginning to unravel, the multitude of characters separates and so Sparrow tries to keep up with multiple stories at once. In addition there are new characters introduced to help resolve a plot that could have been, perhaps, better resolved in other ways. While I enjoyed Sparrow's writing and thought the plot was a good one, and even the confusion of multi-character story lines might have worked, but the conflict is not well resolved and I was very unsatisfied with the ending. While, I believe it was meant to build to a climactic battle which would thrust all of the characters back together to achieve victory (something reminiscent of the LOTR: Return of the King), the way Sparrow resolves it doesn't account well for all of the characters. This was very unsatisfying to me as a reader as I was seeking a bit more closure after following the story lines all the way to the end. A bit disappointing. less
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A continuation of the story begun in Xenolith; a nicely detailed fantasy.
Can't wait for the next book
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Great Book!
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